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Professional ​

​I know what you're thinking. Professional stuff? Aw, man. Can't anyone just get to know each other anymore? Work is so boring.


Wrong. You're wrong.

Things I've
Associate Creative Director @ Cashmere Agency
​Oct 2020 - Current


Keeping DoorDash on the road during these uncertain times. (sorry)


Worked with Sam Bee to help the USPS and raise $$$ for the ACLU.


Always making fun, weird, unique, inspiring creative for FX, HBO, Netflix, Webtoon, and more.

SR. Copywriter @ Cashmere Agency
​Jan 2019 - Oct 2020

Dreaming big for Google.

Worked to make BMW a more diverse, culturally relevant brand.


Helped make Dave the most popular show on FX. Like, ever.

Proud to be a part of the 2019 AdAge Multicultural Agency of the Year


Freelance ACD @ gnet

​Sept 2018 - Dec 2018


Popped in on a short contract to help out the gnet team.

• Creative concepting and strategic planning for pitches

• Kept my hands dirty writing trailer copy, taglines, etc.

Sr. Copywriter/Creative Producer @ Chironomy
​Jan 2018 - Sept 2018


Part of a small band of merry freelancers who ran all Sony Crackle's social media platforms, from their brand channels to their original movie and TV properties.


• Developed campaign tone and voice for all of Sony Crackle's properties

• Led creative concepting for multiple content calendars each month

Sr. Copywriter/Creative Producer @ Stradella Road
​May 2016 - Jan 2018


• Crafted winning pitches

• Wrote reams of social copy, video scripts, and paid digital ads

Freelance Copywriter @ Under a Palm Tree
​2015 - 2016


• Wrote broadcast and tagline exploration for many brands

• Worked for Helios Interactive, building story for Reebok, IBM, and more

• Designed brand personality, campaign strategies, and website facing

Head Writer @ Livid Interactive
​July 2014 - April 2015


Served as head writer for the upcoming video game "Head of the Order". I created unique characters, worlds, and deep fantasy lore for this PvP fighting game. This required working closely with a team of game designers and programmers to help create the look and feel of the immersive fantasy world in the game, a process that I loved.


Copywriter @ Ayzenberg Group
September ​2012 - June 2014


I slung words for broadcast, online, social, and even a little print media. Focus has primarily been on video games but I've worked on non-gaming brands including Microsoft, Habitat for Humanity, Plantronics, and Mattel. 


My work here included award winning spots for Mattel's Matchbox brand, and the innovative “Super Metal” concept for the Sony game Dragon's Prophet. This off the wall campaign that I created netted them over 3.4 million views on YouTube. 3.4 million, man.

Three Rs.
BFA Filmmaking
University of North Carolina School of the Arts



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